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"One of the best in the whole of Ireland"

TO'D, Cork

"A exhibition was absolutely fantastic"

MK, Wales

LAMA Award 2013

Enniscorthy Castle during Street Rhythms Festival

Enniscorthy Castle, in the heart of Enniscorthy town, was originally built in the 13th century, and has been ‘home’ to Norman knights, English armies, Irish rebels and prisoners, and local  merchant families.  Why not visit our dungeon to see the rare medieval wall art –The Swordsman, or our battlements at the top of the castle to marvel at the amazing views of Vinegar Hill Battlefield, Enniscorthy town, and the sights, flora and  fauna of the  surrounding countryside.  

We look forward to welcoming you to our town's most public 'home'.

Enniscorthy Castle during Street Rhythms Festival

Daily Easter Egg Hunt at Enniscorthy Castle

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt at Enniscorthy Castle

Egg Breaking News!

Deep in the Castle Archives, our intrepid researchers have discovered a long-lost treasure map. Although we do not know its origins or even its age, some maintain it contains clues to the location of a treasure chest that has lain hidden deep in the dungeons of Enniscorthy Castle for centuries.

What untold riches lie within this mysterious chest? Some rumours say gold, others silver, but perhaps the most persuasive say that it holds an enticing chocolate bounty.

Are you up to the challenge of revealing this secret treasure? Why not join us at Enniscorthy Castle this Easter Break and receive your copy of the treasure map to see if you can solve the clues and bring this treasure up into the light once more.

Treasure hunt available daily from Monday 14th April to Sunday 27th April.

For more details please phone 053 92 34699